Observium Professional edition – Syslog intergration

Debian 7 uses Rsyslog.

This is well documented.

Add the syslog line to Observium’s config.php.

pico /opt/observium/config.php
// Enable Syslog
$config['enable_syslog'] = 1;

By default Rsyslog does not accept remote syslog information.

pico /etc/rsyslog.conf


$ModLoad imudp 
$UDPServerRun 514

We have to take the remote syslog information and redirect it to Observium’s processor.

pico /etc/rsyslog.d/30-observium.conf

Add this:

#send remote logs to observium

$template observium,"%fromhost%||%syslogfacility%||%syslogpriority%||%syslogseverity%||%syslogtag%||%$year%-%$month%-%$day% %timereported:8:25%||%msg%||%programname%\n"
$ModLoad omprog
$ActionOMProgBinary /opt/observium/syslog.php

:inputname, isequal, "imudp" :omprog:;observium

& ~

Then restart rsyslog:

/etc/init.d/rsyslog restart

Under the device in Observium there should now be a syslog entry under Logs. Any syslog entries will show up here.

Screenshot 2014-10-22 17.03.51

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